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    El Paso, Texas 79903

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    Your MBDA Business Center can help you respond to the following city-wide bid opportunities, or to obtain valuable Small Business Certifications, which can help you in the bidding process!

    Call us at 915-351-6232 for your confidential assessment today!

    Remember the Hire El Paso First Local Business Certification !
    Become a registered Certified Local Business with the City of El Paso. Complete the registration process along with payment online. Once certified as a local Business the applicant business is eligible for a preferential status on bids submitted to the City of El Paso.
    Go to: to register today!

    El Paso Water Utilities
    Announcement: El Paso water Utilities is looking for Public Service Board (PSB) is soliciting proposals
    from qualified contractors to perform the services under this RFP.
    Scope of Work: This RFP shall also include the requirements in RFP 06-14 – EPWU Performance
    Specification for Water and Wastewater Treatment Residuals Services Contract.
    Due Date: 9-15-14
    Solicitation number: RFP06-14
    EL PASO, TX 79925

    Provision of Commissary Services
    Announcement: El Paso County is requesting proposals from qualified companies for the provision of commissary services for the El Paso County Detention Facility the Jail Annex.
    SCOPE OF WORK:The purpose of the commissary operation is to allow inmates to purchase food items, personal
    care products, and additional clothing items not regularly issued to inmates by the County. The inmate trust account service will provide a bank type account for each inmate while they are incarcerated. The inmates, family, or friends may deposit funds into these accounts. Expenditures made by inmates shall be deducted from their own individual trust accounts.
    DUE DATE:9/22/14

    City of El Paso seeks Pest Control Services
    DESCRIPTION:The City of El Paso is requesting proposals for Pest Control Services.
    SCOPE OF WORK: Exterminating/Pest Control Services under this contract shall include, but is not limited to, elimination of the following pests: ants, spiders, crickets, roaches, silverfish, scorpions, fleas, ticks and similar pests.
    Service must include controlling of pests on the interior of the buildings.
    DUE DATE:09/24/2014
    CONTACT: Rafael Caraveo, Jr., (915) 212-1199,

    City of El Paso is seeking Preventive Healthcare Services
    SCOPE OF WORK: Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient,
    which requires these 3 components: A comprehensive history; A comprehensive examination; Medical decision
    making of moderate complexity. Screenings must be performed by a licensed health professional and shall submit
    all documentation and certifications to DPH.
    DUE DATE:9/24/14
    SOLICITATION: 2015-048R
    CONTACT:HAYDEE PEÑA, (915) 212-1184,

    Vehicle Batteries
    Announcement: The City of El Paso is soliciting bids for VEHICLE BATTERIES, primarily for the GENERAL SERVICES
    Due Date: 9/24/14
    Solicitation No: 2015-014
    Contact: Rafael Caraveo, (915)212-1199,

    Announcement: The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department needs to install two (2) new groundwater monitoring wells at the Greater El Paso Landfill approximately 25 miles east of downtown El Paso, Texas. The two wells will each achieve a depth of approximately three hundred ninety five feet (395’) below ground surface. The well casing material will be 4-inch, SCH 80 PVC.
    Due Date: 9/24/14
    Solicitation No: 2015-017

    Downtown Convention Center Hotel
    Announcement: El Paso City Government is looking for proposals for Downtown Convention Center Hotel
    Scope: The selected developer is expected to deliver a minimum of 250-room, full service, convention center hotel with a major national full-service lodging flag with related amenities and facilities. Development includes design, financing, construction and management of the hotel.
    Due Date:12/10/14
    Solicitation number: 2014-505R
    Contact: Deniese Baisley [915] 212-1187 OR [915] 599-6239

    University Medical Center has opportunities
    Info: Find opportunities by clicking here
    Contact: Liliana Guerrero, (915) 544-1200 ext 7419,

    Your MBDA Business Center can help you respond to the following State-Wide bid opportunities, or to obtain the valuable State of Texas HUB Certifications, which can help you in the bidding process!


    A/E Services IDIQ
    Announcement: The Texas State University System is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for the selection of a firm, to provide Architectural/Engineering (A/E) services for planning, design renovation and construction of facilities for Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX on an hourly fee basis as needed.
    Scope of Work: Such services are expected to be required but are not limited to pre-project planning, estimating, programming, design, bid and construction phases of the project delivery process or any other service that is beneficial in the delivery of facilities.
    Due Date: 9/15/14
    Solicitation No: IDIQ AE 2015-18
    Contact: Debbie Kleppelid,

    Dorm Renovations
    Announcement: The University of Texas at Austin, Project Management and Construction Services, is requesting Proposals for the Renovation of Wagner Dormitory at Winedale Historical Center.
    Scope of Work: Perform renovations at the Wagner Dormitory, located at the Winedale Historical Center in Round Top, TX, to include new architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and life/safety upgrades.
    Due Date: 9/16/14
    Solicitation No: 14CSP019
    Contact: Toni Tobin,

    HVAC and Building Renovations
    Announcement: The University of Texas at Austin, Project Management and Construction Services, is proposals for the HVAC and Building Renovations (Phase 10) at Brackenridge Apartments.
    Scope of Work: Construct Shed-type enclosures at each of four (4) apartment buildings to house nineteen (19) new split system air conditioning systems. Install sheet metal ductwork distributed above new ceiling areas to be provided inside each apartment unit. Paint exteriors of four (4) buildings including new mechanical sheds. Repair and paint trim, and install gutters and downspouts where shown. Replace kitchen counters, sinks and cabinetry in nineteen (19) apartment units, and replace bathroom and hallway cabinetry, countertops, lavatories, water closets, and light fixtures.
    Due Date: 9/16/14
    Solicitation No: 14CSP017
    Contact: Toni Tobin,

    Pressure-washing services
    SCOPE OF WORK: Houston First Corporation is seeking ntities capable of providing all equipment, labor,
    supervision, and transportation necessary to perform pressure-washing cleaning services on concrete, pavers,
    tile, hardscape, and other surfaces on an as-needed basis at HFC facilities, including sidewalks, plazas,
    parking garages, surface parking lots, building exteriors, and awnings.
    DUE DATE: 09/18/2014
    CONTACT: Mitch Miszkowski, (713)853-8215

    Landscaping in Dimmit County
    Dimmit county is seeking to build a Visitors Center Landscaping in Chapparral WMA, Cotulla, Dimmit County Texas.
    Scope of Work: Project includes but not limited to: Furnish all labor, equipment, materials, and incidentals necessary
    to provide Visitor Center Hardscape and Landscape work with a Rainwater Harvest Irrigation System and Roof Gutters in accordance with the Bidding and Contract Documents.
    Contact: Nikki Rodriguez Texas Parks & Wildlife
    4200 Smith School Road
    Austin, TX 78744 (512) 389-4347
    Close Date:10/02/2014
    Solicitation Number: TPWD 126828A

    HMA Renovations
    Announcement:The University of Texas at Austin, Project Management and Construction Services, is requesting responses to the Request for Proposals for the HMA Phase 1 Renovations at Hogg Memorial Auditorium (HMA).
    Scope of Work: Work involves the renovation and upgrade of interior spaces of Hogg Memorial Auditorium to improve its functionality and appearance. The work includes new audio/visual systems and new theatre lighting and rigging. Limited improvements to mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural components are also required. A minor amount of site improvements are also a part of this project.
    Due Date: 10/03/14
    Solicitation No: 15CSP002
    Contact: Clifford Calley,

    Building Remodel
    Announcement: The State of TExas is seeking proposals for the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of TX 6th Floor Suite Remodel at William B Travis Bldg.
    Scope of Work: Provide all materials, equipment, labor, coordination and supervisory activities necessary to complete construction of the project as more fully described in the Attachment D, Project Manual, and Attachment E, Project Drawings, which include specifications, drawings, and other contract documents prepared by O’Connell Robertson.
    Due Date: 10/03/14
    Solicitation No: 303-5-00150
    Contact: JOHN GOODRICH,, (512) 463-2743

    Professional Aviation Engineering in Weslaco
    The City of Weslaco, through its agent, the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation
    Division will solicit and receive proposals for professional aviation engineering design services.
    Scope of work: Extend, overlay and mark Runway 13-31; extend parallel taxiway; rehabilitate east side hangar access taxiway; overlay east side taxiway; rehabilitate terminal apron; extend medium intensity runway light Runway 13; relocate lead in lighting system; relocate precision approach path indicator-4 Runway 13; relocate utilities; improve drainage; and install fence.
    Contact: Please contact TxDOT Aviation for any technical or procedural questions at 1-800-68-PILOT (74568). For procedural questions, please contact Becky Vick, Grant Manager. For technical questions, please contact Ed Mayle, Project Manager.
    Close Date:10/07/2014
    Solicitation Number:15BWESLA

    Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber is a national Woman-Owned Small Business Certifying Authority! We can help you respond to the following Federal opportunities, or to obtain any of the valuable Federal Certifications (8a, Federal HUBZone, Small Disadvantaged Business, Woman Owned Small Business, or Service Disabled Veteran), which can help you in the bidding process!


    For opportunities with the Federal Government visit

    USCIS Service Center Operations Support Services (SCOSS)
    Draft Solicitation:
    The re-compete of the SCOSS requirement is in support of service centers located in Vermont, California, Texas and California.  These four centers provides support services related to records management for adjudication of certain applications or immigration services and benefits. Services include: correspondence management, data collection, fee collection and file operations.  Applications are mailed to the USCIS Service Centers and they are not staffed to receive any walk-in applications or questions.
    Click here for more

    Cleveland Construction seeks Subs for Ft. Bliss Hospital
    Announcement: Cleveland Construction, Inc. is soliciting material and/or labor pricing for the following project, Fort Bliss
    Replacement Hospital located in El Paso, Texas. Minority Businesses participation is encouraged from qualified contractors and suppliers. Interested parties should contact Cleveland Construction regarding scopes.
    Scope of work: Fort Bliss Replacement Hospital; Project is a new hospital complex located in El Paso, Texas consisting of a main hospital, an east and west clinic, a clinic investigation building, an administration building, and the Central utility plant. The work will start in the summer of 2014 and continue through 2016.
    Due Date: OPEN
    For more information, click here
    Contact: Rhett Stayer, (513) 398-8900,

    For more details, contact the MBDA Business Center
    Procurement Specialist

    Alondra McDuffie 915.351.6232

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