Hablemos de Dinero 3.0

Hablemos de Dinero FrontYour El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the continued collaboration for 2018with Wells Fargo Bank, with the one year training program titled “Hablemos de Dinero 2.0 Business Development Program with Wells Fargo Bank & the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.” 

The primary focus is to promote entrepreneurship, economic development, and financial literacy.

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The training courses will focus on identifying entrepreneurs and assisting them to start, manage and grow their business, by utilizing the many outstanding products of Wells Fargo Bank, and the business development services of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The monthly FREE training sessions on the Hablemos de Dinero program will be conducted utilizing the modules of the Wells Fargo Bank, “Hands on Banking” modules and incorporate the financial literacy modules for business of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Join us for the next Hablemos de Dinero training. 

The program will be conducted in English, with Spanish translation, and featuring Spanish handouts.

For more information about the “Hablemos de Dinero 3.0  Business Development Program with Wells Fargo & the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce”, please contact your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at 915.566.4066.

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Biz Talk

The EPHCC BizTalk Podcasts are the latest addition to our trainings. BizTalk is a special podcast this is recorded with different guest speakers and serves as a training component for our members. We know that sometimes it is difficult to attend all of our chamber events all of the time so we wanted to create these podcasts for our members that are always on the go! The topics covered range from marketing, women entrepreneurship, advocacy, special programs and many more. These podcasts are available for everyone to download off of our website.

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