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The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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Did you know that membership is:


Contracting Opportunities:

We can provide your company technical assistance and guidance to help your compnay do business with Corporate America, Federal, State and Local Government.

Financial Lending:
We will diligently assist your business in securing the financial capital necessary for growth and expansion of your businesses.

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HUB Certifications:
We provide outreach to assist qualified businesses to obtain State and Federal HUB Certifications.   The GOAL of this Center is to increase the number of HUB certified businesses; enhance the ability for small, minority, women and veteran owned businesses to compete for procurement contracts for all federal agencies; and provide hands-on bilingual technical assistance to support small, minority, women and veteran owned businesses through federal contracts and procurement avenues.


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Trainings: We provide a wide range of business trainings to help KEEP your business up-to-date! Through our multiple trainings sessions learn how to:
    Start a Business
    Grow your Existing Business
    Get funding/ raise captial for your business
    Get Bonding
    Apply for a Business Certification
    Utilize effective Customer Care practices

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Advocating: We support small business issues such as interest bearing small business checking accounts; affordable health plans; leveling the playing field for small business through the “Small Business Liability Reform Act” that advocates that some government mandates be different for small vs. big business; and tax relief and reform.




Networking and Advertising:
We help business owners’ use and understand the POWER of networking! Getting out and meeting business professionals like you who are trying to grow their business is vital to business success, and what a better way to do that than to attend one of the many NETWORKING events that we offer monthly.

Mastered the art of networking?  Then advertise with us! Advertise on the the EPHCC website, place an ad in the “Chamber at a Glance” electronic newsletter or place your company's LOGO on our daily E-Blasts.

Still not what you need? How about using the EPHCC Membership Directory (conveniently placed in ABC order on a CD) to send your company's information to OVER 1,000 companies?