3D: Donuts, Drinks & Dialogue

3D: Donuts, Drinks & Dialogue

D-Cubed is your Membership Networking Event held at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce the 3rd Tuesday of every other month from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. During D-Cubed, the sponsor gives a 10-minute presentation on what makes your business unique. This event attracts approximately 40-60 members from around the city and surrounding areas. It is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your business products and services to other businesses and become acquainted with EPHCC and its staff.

Sponsorship cost affords the following opportunities:

    • Featured on the Chamber’s weekly online newsletters during the month (sponsored).
    • Logo and company location listed on the D3 Calendar of sponsors.
    • Featured on the Chamber’s monthly new publication the month prior and month after the event.
    • Sponsor will have 10 minutes during the event to make a presentation on their business.
    • Company Logo featured on Chamber’s web site with web link to Company’s home page.



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