Café y Pan Dulce

Café y Pan Dulce

Relationships are the backbone of the A/E/C industry and many of those relationships are initiated and maintained at professional and trade association networking events. Metcalf’s Law describes the value of a network as proportional to the square of the number connections. Accordingly, the value of your network is related to its size. The value of these events comes from the ties you build - both weak and strong - with a wide array of professionals, beyond just your clients. The strongest client-firm relationships should be at the project manager/professional level. As a business development professional, the true power of your network comes from the broad array of relationships you build and maintain.  To some extent, all of us are business development professionals.


Cafe y Pan Dulce are regular engagements with peers from all industries-centric meetings like theseare vital to the success of a business development professional. Come to find leads, introductions, industry news, and valuable tips!

About 70 professionals, 7:30 am, ready to network, ONE place! You will also have a chance to present who you are and what you can offer in front of everyone with your 15 second elevator pitch. At the end of the event you will also receive a copy of all the attendee's business cards. Yes, to follow up! And yes, you will have some Café y Pan Dulce!

Consider the following:

Before the event: Have a strategy. Business owners should go into the event knowing who they want to meet to expand their contacts and resources.

During the event: Engage in meaningful conversations and look for ways to help other people. Don’t spend too much time with any single person but be sure to ask how you can help.

After the event: Follow-up. Follow-up. Most people forget to reach out to contacts they’ve made at the event. Making follow-up phone calls and scheduling meetings are critical components that will help open new doors.

For sponsorship opportunities, to attend our next Cafe, or to ask any question, please contact: 915.566.4066  -  April Torres or Lori Escobar

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