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El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Relaunches Empire Builders Program, Looks For Next Generation of Business and Civic Leaders

For the past six years, the Empire Builders program operated by the EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has focused on educating, training, and mentoring the next generation of powerful business leaders in our community through the Jovenes Empresarios program. This year, the EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will add a new element to its Empire Builders Program, Politica Nueva, a new leadership program focused on educating the next wave of civic and governmental leaders. "People assume that because someone is starting a business, they have gone to business school or attended some kind of business classes. For so many of our local entrepreneurs, this is not the case," shared Cindy Ramos Davidson, CEO of the EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce."Many of our entrepreneurs start off with nothing more than passion and courage when they take the first step into business ownership. Our Jovenes Empresarios program allows business owners and leaders to have a hands on, real life classroom instruction on the fundamentals of business ownership and management. It gives them the opportunity to hear firsthand from leaders in our community about the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them, better preparing them to successfully overcome these obstacles when they face them themselves." While the Jovenes Empresarios program has been in operation for six years now, the addition of the Politica Nueva program under the banner of the Empire Builders has been in the works for several years now. The inspiration for the program came from many Jovenes Empresario participants.

"After graduating from the program, many of our Jovenes Empresarios returned to the Chamber asking us how they could run for office or how they could serve on various nonprofit boards and city committees," shared Ramos Davidson.
"Every day we see a hunger in our small business owners to give back to the community that has given them so much in some way whether that is serving the public by running for office or serving on the board of directors from one of our local non-profits. The drive to serve their community is stronger than ever before among our local business owners but they lack the information and resources to get started."

The Politica Nueva program will fill the public-nonprofit leadership training gap in the EI Paso community. Unique to other similar programs across the country, the Politica Nueva program will have classes stretched out over the course of a year, rather than over a weekend or two. The program will educate attendees on the various aspects of building their influence, running for political office, and serving on boards and committees at a private, local, and state level. "This program will not only help local business owners learn how to build their influence in the network and how to serve on boards and committees, it will actively position them to fill these roles," said Politica Nueva Chair, David Saucedo III. As a Chamber of Commerce, the EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is consistently asked for recommendations for individuals to serve on local and state boards or commissions. The participants in this program will have the unique opportunity to be placed on the short-list of the Chambers' recommendations upon completion of the program. "We are confident that the education, training, and resources participants will have as a part of this program will prepare them to represent our community at any level and we want to ensure that we are active in providing them the opportunity to do so."

The EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted a launch party for both programs on May 22 at 2Ten Coffee located at the Substation at 145 W Sunset Rd. "We are so excited to not only have launched these two incredible programs, but to be have had the launch at 2Ten Coffee, which is owned and operated by one of our Jovenes graduates, Mr. Steven Svoboda," said Cindy Ramos-Davidson, CEO of the EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "Steven was a part of our very first class of Jovenes Empresarios. We are so proud of the incredible levels of success he has accomplished and hope that those who are interested in the program will see Steven as a model for the kind of success that can be achieved through the right combination of education, training, and mentorship."

The Empire Builders program will be chaired by former Jovenes Empresarios, David Saucedo II, President of The Saucedo Company and Edgar Monitel, President of Paulo Verde Homes. Krista Snow, Director of Corporate Partnership Programs for the College of Business at UTEP, will continue leading the program as Co-Chair, working on the corporate leadership aspect of the Jovenes Empresarios training. The EI Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce began accepting applications for both programs as of May 22.

For more information about the programs, please contact the Chamber at 915.566.4066

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Jovenes Empresarios is a unique and effective leadership program with the following goal: to connect like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals in El Paso, to increase the business, networking, and professional skills of its participants, and to strengthen our community through a focus on furthering economic development in the region.


The Sessions are one of the main focuses of the group and help refine and expand your knowledge in numerous areas. Thanks to resources afforded from the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Jovenes Empresarios are able to obtain exclusive access to top industry professionals in a variety of topics that span various areas of business. Topics for the program’s 2017 sessions will include:  leadership, social media and marketing, human resources, finance, money and banking, customer service, real estate investment, healthcare, ethics, and legal. 

Sessions will occur once a month every 3rd Thursday of the month, February through November. A full calendar with exact dates will be available to all members. 


Jovenes Empresarios are given the unique opportunity for intimate Q & A with individuals involved in local or national politics. Past Red, White and Brew speakers have included Former Congressman Sylvestre Reyes, Congressman Beto O’Rourke and Mayor Oscar Leeser. Red, White and Brews will typically occur biannually and are exclusive to Jovenes members.


The Jovenes Empresarios Breakfast Club is a more relaxed environment to network with past, present and potential future members of Jovens. In addition, leaders and entrepreneurs, guests from the community, or program participants/alumni are often invited to discuss various topics such as their success, personal story and/or services. 

This a great opportunity to network and explore ways to connect and build yourself professionally. As entrepreneurs and business professionals it is important to collaborate with successful individuals that aid in your personal and professional growth and career development. Breakfast clubs occur every 2nd Friday of the month


The Jovenes “A Toast To...” is an event to honor business leaders and high achievers in the community. We congratulate and recognize these individuals for their personal achievements and contributions; these events provide an opportunity for program participants to hear their stories, engage in interactive discussions about the road to success, and potentially build relationships with entrepreneurs/professionals in the region.  “Toast To…” events will occur biannually.


We strongly believe in building relationships and expanding our knowledge through the variety of sessions and professional events that are offered, but are also advocates for building a successful network through the avenue of social events.  

There will be various social events such as a billiards tournament, ghost tour, UTEP tailgating, local artist night, kick off mixer, midyear mixer...and more!


The Jovenes Empresarios will continue to encourage philanthropic endeavors throughout the year. We have collaborated with local various organizations as it is our belief that it is important to give back to our beloved community.  


The Jovenes Empresarios program is comprised of six committees: Executive Committee, Empire Builders (Business Committee), Ground Breakers (Political Committee), Education and Community Relations Committee, Social Committee and, Marketing/Communications Committee. 

We encourage participants to attend and be active in as many sessions and events as possible to enable an effective learning and professional development experience. Any member can express interest in participating in any of the above committees.

The program is designed to give you an opportunity to network, build on your professional knowledge, increase the success of entrepreneurs, provide young business leaders the knowledge/skills necessary for effective management, all with the ultimate goal of building relationships for success.


The Executive Committee is led by the Chair/Co-Chairs of the Jovenes Empresarios program. It consists of the Chairs from each committee and is responsible for planning and executing sessions, overseeing the committees and building the program.  Co-Chairs of the Jovenes Empresarios program conduct and prepare meetings with all committee chairs on a monthly basis. They are also responsible for conducting regular meetings with the CEO of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as with community leaders. The Executive Committee will work to bridge with other organizations in an effort to build a brighter future for our community.


The Empire Builders' committee connects community leaders, established business owners and field experts with emerging leaders through networking, educational sessions, philanthropic efforts and a keen focus on economic development, thus enabling its members to make a difference in the city's tomorrow. As an extension of Jovenes Empresarios, Empire Builders supports the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce by continually reinforcing its connection with the local business community.

The Empire Builders are responsible for planning monthly sessions for the year, including subject matter, speakers and logistics. Other responsibilities include participation in the Executive Committee, recommendations for business news updates for members and attendance to all or most Empire Builder events.


Ground Breakers will establish and build a candidacy academy that is designed to help Jovenes hone their political skills, foster relationships within boards/commissions at local, state, national and international levels and learn the necessary logistics to become a positive political figure in the community. 

Ground Breakers will conduct sessions in relation to political figures and political issues. They are to help bridge the gap between current politicians in office and those aspiring to run for office.


The Education & Community Committee serves as the educational, community service, and social arm of the Jovenes Empresarios.

  • The educational portion of this committee bridges the gap between young entrepreneurs and local school district partners to foster a relationship where the Jovenes Empresarios serve as mentors and participate in educational events throughout the year.
  • The community service portion of this committee will focus on service based activities, donation of time, at times funds and physical products. The aim is to promote the Jovenes Empresarios organization as a caring and civic minded group.


The Social Committee aims to schedule, plan, and execute social activities for the past, present, and future participants to partake in. Social functions increase camaraderie and a more amicable atmosphere within the group. Additionally, by inviting potential future members, the social arm also serves as a recruiting arm for the group.


The Marketing/Communications Committee is responsible for building on the brand equity of Jovenes Empresarios while continuing to create awareness for the program. Duties include managing social media accounts, website, Jovenes Empresarios email, and event calendars. The committee will also inform members of all events and ensure the public knows how to reach the group for information. Communication of all pertinent information to the Jovenes Empresarios’ members and EPHCC are among these duties.

Inquiries will be responded to in a timely manner in an effort to keep members and non-members engaged. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain email account and provide correspondence
  • Maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Newsletter with the Chamber
  • Point of Contact for
  • El Paso Times
  • El Paso Inc.
  • City Magazine
  • El Paso Herald
  • News Outlets
  • Maintain and update members emails and contact information as well as correspondence
  • All Jovenes Empresario events aligned with EPHCC calendar
  • Leverage newspaper and social media to promote Jovenes Empresarios members and/or their businesses and the Jovenes Empresarios program

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Have you ever considered running for political office? 
Are you interested in serving on a board of directors or commission? Do you know where to start in makin these aspirations a reality?

Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber is proud to announce that we are currently accepting applications for our "Política Nueva" Candidate Program. Our year long program is designed to help participants understand what it takes to run for political office and how to build their campaign. In addition, many of the topics covered will help those individuals interested in serving on corporate or state boards and commissions, positioning them for these levels of leadership.

Schedule: The courses are offered over a twelve-month period beginning in July. Monthly classes will be held on the 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 pm with guest speakers and a closing ceremony reception. 

Why create Política Joven?
For the past several years, one of the consistent remarks the Hispanic Chamber as received is, "I want to run for Political Office but I don't know where to start. The political process can seem daunting and intimidating for individuals who have no previous experience running for office. In response to this growing in the community to help educate tomorrow's leaders, your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce created this program in an effort to provide our leaders of the future with the political foundation needed for a venture into politics, should they choose to pursue public office. 


Do I need to be a member of any specificil political party to participate?
No. The purpose of the program is to educate in an unbiased, informational manner. The program will prepare individuals, not promote any political party over another. However, there will be a couple of sessions with both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of El Paso for participants to attend. 

Building Your Stage: So, you’re thinking about running for office? It is something you have been thinking about for a while now. Maybe it was a specific issue that motivated you to run or maybe you have always wanted to run for political office. You’ve got great ideas about the changes you would want to implement and the initiatives you would undertake. The question now is, why should people listen to you? What about you sets you apart from everyone else? This session will help you lay the groundwork for building your influence in the community and placing you in a position to successfully run for office.

Maintaining Order: Whether you are serving  on a board or committee or you have been elected to public office, you will undoubtedly need to know what Robert’s Rules of Order are. This session will cover Robert’s Rules of Order, from  calling a meeting to order, to voting, to adjourning a meeting,. By the end of this session, participants will be able to run and participate in meetings in a more efficient and effective manner. 

Developing Your Message: Not only is it important to have a consistent message you share with your potential constituents, it is important to be able to effectively communicate that message. This session will focus on not only developing your platform, but also how to best communicate your message with your audience, the voters!

Finding Your Polical Zen:  You’ve figured out your message, you know how you are going to communicate that message, and your prepared to talk about that message in front of everyone. So now the question is, how do you stay focused on the message in the midst of campaign chaos? This session will focus n helping participants focus on achieving their goals and staying true to who they are.


The Dream Team: The strength of a campaign does not just lie in the candidate themselves, but in the team they surround themselves with. The campaign team can make or break someone's run for office. This session will teach participants what to look for in choosing their campaign team, from their campaign manager to their key volunteers.

FUNdraising and Ethics - Keeping Yourself Out of Trouble: You’ve got your team put together but now, you have to pay them. Fundraising is one of those necessary evils when it comes to campaigning. This session will cover how to pre-screen your donors while also helping  participants stay out of hot water when it comes to campaign finance. Not only will this session go over the basic laws of fundraising, it will also cover how to get voters to invest in you and your campaign.

Setting Up Your Base Camp: Team in place? Check! Money coming in? Check! Paid or volunteer canvassers? No clue? Don’t worry, this session will go over the basics of setting up your field operations from finding a campaign headquarters to figuring out who you should target and whether using volunteers or paid canvassers is best for your campaign and your message.

Building Your Brand - Marketing To Voters: A political campaign is very  similar to a marketing campaign. Instead of selling people a product or service, you’re a selling them your ideas and the image of you as a leader. This session will focus how to best  market yourself to voters and engage them in your campaign. Our guest speaker will share with the participants how he has made the most of  unconventional style town hall meetings and social media to personally connect with voters and constituents.

Debating To Win: Whether it is on the campaign trail or in meetings and hearings, at some point you will de facing someone else in a debate. This session will help candidates not only prepare for a debate, but how to prepare to win the debate. Our guest speaker will share tip some best practices on how to best prepare for a debate and how to remain calm and collected throughout the debate.

Media Mayhem: Whether it is on the campaign trail or in meetings and hearings, at some point you will de facing someone else in a debate. This session will help candidates not only prepare for a debate, but how to prepare to win the debate. Our guest speaker will share tip some best practices on how to best prepare for a debate and how to remain calm and collected throughout the debate.

Finding Your Balance: Running for office demands  lot of your time and attention. How do you balance your job, your personal life, and running for office? This session will bring together a panel of former candidates to discuss their personal campaign journeys. How they balanced the demands of their personal life and the campaign trail along with some lessons they learned along the way.

Other Sessions: Beyond these sessions, “Field Trips” will be scheduled throughout the year so participants can attend a City Council Meeting and a County Commissioners Meeting. Participants will also be invited to attend Chamber Advocacy events such as our Austin Fly-In days and our annual HC to DC trip. There will also be an additional two sessions sometime during the year featuring presentation from both the Republican Party of El Paso and the Democratic Party of El Paso.

In addition, there will be socials scheduled throughout the year to allow participants to network and get to know each other, and members of the Jovenes Empresarios group.


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